We are sure that agreements will not be just a text
They will be technical programs and we suggest joining in this future
How to create legal documents
Transformed a legal text
LITT is the IDE for creating and analyzing contracts directly in MS Word. Lawyers desire to write in a document markup language just like web developers. In addition, we unite different systems of constructing legal documents including AI analyzing and blockchain system, which allows every lawyer to make technical smart agreements in one environment of our IDE LITT, which works directly in Microsoft Word.
We have transformed a legal text to the command blocks and have taught different blocks to connect to each other. It allows to code the contract.
LITT suggests clients a short review of the contract instead of 40 pages. Contract is so long but life is so short, so people do not have to spend a lot of time to read them.

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Success from different areas. We transform principles which work in different areas of legal tech (such as IDE in computer programming, blocks in Minecraft and Lego, free information and Education in Wikipedia and Coursera, a smart contract in Ethereum).
IDE for coding smart contracts. Our main goal is to give lawyers an instrument for building intelligence, technical agreements. Moreover, lawyers will become legal engineers who will code the contract.
More secure. LITT is more secure, because we use technologies of Microsoft. For instance, LITT saves all documents and blocks in Azure.
AI not only for lawyers. Now contract review is accessible only for lawyers. Small and medium business, or consumers do not have an instrument for checking contracts. We are going to change it.
Easier + faster = happy clients. Users do not need to answer a lot of questions to create documents, whereas they immediately add necessary clauses and all other clauses LITT adds automatically. User can use LITT's tools anytime. Furthermore, after editing, users can analyze the contract and add some new clauses.
All services in one place in MS Word. Users do not need to use any other special resources except MS Word. With LITT you work immediately in MS Word and use the same tools in other web resources. We unite different systems for creating and analyzing documents, blockchain system for smart contracts in one big integrated developer environment (like Visual Studio IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse for programmers).
Partnership and support by Microsoft. We have signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft being Microsoft Network Partner, Microsoft BizSpark and we will have co-sale with Microsoft (they will sell our Product, and we will sell MS Azure and MS Office 365, because this technology is a base of our solution).
Documents from a worldwide community of lawyers. We are going to launch a cooperation between different lawyers for filling in database of clauses for big bonuses. It is more functional than all Legal Form providers, because more people will add documents in data base and an amount of documents will increase fast.
Easy transform to another language. Our system analyses legal phrases of every block and makes links between different blocks. If we change the language of legal phrases, our system will code contracts in another language. We believe that it will be possible to implement it with local community of lawyers and make connections to the national law system.



1. Agreements on the Internet or in database can be outdated very fast.
2. Contracts from another party might be badly written and lawyers should spend time checking them and businessperson should spend money to correct them.
3. Paperwork is the biggest time killer. Lawyers do not have multiuse templates for all cases, so the process of editing templates is long, and lawyers can make mistakes during it.
4. Lawyers do not specialize in all areas of law, but they have different tasks from clients (it is typical for a corporate legal department).
5. Parties spend a lot of time for negotiations.
6. Businessperson spends a lot of time and money for the litigation.
7. Lawyers spend time and make mistakes when they move company's information in the contract or when they calculate penalties, VAT, etc.
8. People hate spending a lot of time for making numeration and formatting.
1. LITT allows to connect terms of agreement to different law systems (like "EUR-Lex" in Europe, "LIGA:ZAKON" in Ukraine, etc) and lawyers can have up to dated contracts anytime.
2. LITT allows to analyze contracts and suggest clauses which are absent.
3. LITT suggests choosing clauses, which you need and add them immediately. Moreover, LITT offers to add blocks automatically.
4. LITT explains which clauses you need for every case and allows choosing necessary clauses from a big amount.
5. Parties will have access to the same database of clauses and will work in Office 365 and choose clauses, which they need.
In the future, our AI will analyze business correspondence for suggesting better agreements for your case.
6. LITT suggests using blockchain and escrowing accounts for creating smart contracts.
7. LITT allows to transform information from Introductory Paragraph to Signature Blocks and allows to calculate VAT penalties, etc. 8. LITT adds numeration and formatting automatically.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further information
using the development environment LITT
This License Agreement (this "Agreement") is made effective between:
The Licensor: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LEXNET, identification code 40400663, located at 32B Turgenevska str., Kyiv, Ukraine, and
The Licensee: User, who uses website http://litt.lawyer/ and/or computer program "LITT", which he can download on the website http://litt.lawyer/, as litt-manifest-1.0.xml and install this program to Microsoft Word,
for the settlement of computer program "LITT" terms of use, the parties agreed on the following essential conditions of the contract:
1.1. Subject of agreement: permission to use a basic version of computer program development environment of legal documents "LITT" (this "Program") by the Licensee for a fee. The Program is a document constructor, which works in Microsoft Word and allows you to create documents from different clauses. Also, the Program allows to do the verification of document.
1.2. The rights provided to Licensee: the right to use the features and capabilities of the Program within the Area of use and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
1.3. Area of use: the Licensee uses the Program in its economic activities to prepare any legal agreements.
1.4. System requirements for the Program: Word for Mac version 15.32 or Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows version 1612 (Build 7668.1000) and later for Microsoft Windows 7 and newer, Internet.
1.5. Type of licenses: non-exclusive license.
1.6. Number of licenses: 1 license to each Licensee. The Licensor assigns licenses for the Program using to some accounts Licensee, list of which the Licensee should give to the Licensor.
1.7. Term of licenses: up to 14 July 2018. This term can be continued by the Licensor.
1.8. Issuance of sublicenses: banned. The licensee has no right to transfer programs and/or any part thereof to third parties if their accounts are not granted the license.
1.9. The territory of using licenses: the world.
1.10. Program Updates: provided to Licensee on a regular basis and included in the fee.
1.11. This Agreement is adhesion contract.
1.12. If the Licensee uses of http://litt.lawyer and/or Program constitutes the Licensee will accept all Terms of this agreement and should execute all responsibilities by this agreement.
2.1. Copyright to the documents: all non-proprietary rights to the documents created and uploaded to LITT belong to their authors. By uploading documents for sharing in LITT, the authors provide non-exclusive, perpetual licenses for the use of these documents to all users and other licensors who have access to them for a period specified by the authors, at no additional charge, unless otherwise agreed between the Author and the Licensor.
2.2. Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights to the Program are owned by the Licensor. Licensee is prohibited without the Licensor's written permission to modify, to copy, to publish, to reproduce, to plagiarize, to interfere with the work, to modify any part, to adapt the Program, compilation or decompilation the Program in the aims which doesn't agree with this Agreement. It is also prohibited the creation of new software, using in whole or in part the intellectual property rights of the Licensor, violation of other proprietary and non-proprietary rights of the Licensor to the Program, and so on.
2.3. Fair Competition: the Licensee undertakes to comply with honest practices in business activities neither to create similar Programs using Licensor's achievements, nor their own, and the conduct of actions that are unfair competition.
3.1. The fee of the licenses: free of charge for the Term of licenses.
4.1. Term of this agreement: during the period of the Term of licenses validity and perform all obligations by the Parties.
4.2. Termination of the Agreement: Licensor may initiate Termination by warning for 7 (seven) calendar days by posting information on the website http://litt.lawyer. In this action, all licenses shall be terminated.
5.1. Limitation of responsibility: The Licensor is not responsible for the final document created by Licensee, because the choice of items and sections is carried out by the Licensee on its own. The program provides tools that speed up the creation of legal documents, and provides tips that will improve the document. The Program is transferred "As-is", this means that the Licensor is makes no warranties or guarantees, either express or implied, arising by law or otherwise with regard to the technology of Program or to the stability work of all Program's functions.
5.2. Privacy and safety: (a) Data transfer in the Program is carried out using the HTTPS protocol, which provides encryption of the data during transfer. The data contained in the Program is stored on Microsoft Azure servers whose security and confidentiality is guaranteed by Microsoft's privacy practices and the manner in which Azure Internet Services and other Microsoft corporate Internet services, including Microsoft Office (Office 365), are used. (b) The Licensor shall ensure the confidentiality of the information received from Licensee. While working with such information by the Licensor's employees, the Licensor may maintain and process the work of the Program and is responsible for the direct actions of the employees (with intent) within the limits of direct incurred evidence-based losses. The Licensor shall ensure the saving of information marked as "confidential" during the term of the Agreement and shall destroy it after the expiration of the Agreement term.
5.3. Breach of the agreement by the Licensee: (a) If Licensee violates the terms of the Intellectual Property Agreement, fair competition, including the use of the Program in whole or in part without valid licenses, Licensee terminates the terms of this Agreement, reimburses all damages caused and / or related to the violation of this Agreement, which is 100% of the value of the income received by Licensee from such actions within the time limit of prescription, which is ten years from the date of such violation. Licensee is obliged to provide supporting documents (including primary documents) certifying the amount of unauthorized income received by the Licensee.
6.1. Applicable law and arbitration: This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the LCIA Rules, which Rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The number of arbitrators shall be one. The seat, or legal place, of arbitration shall be London, Great Britain. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The governing law of the Agreement shall be the substantive laws of the Law of England and Wales.
6.2. Personal data: The Licensee provides the Licensor the right to store, process, and otherwise use the data, which is made in the program solely for purposes required for the authorization of users, application and implementation of this Agreement.
6.3. Electronic documents and electronic correspondence: They have full legal force with the originals. Correspondence is made using the e-mail addresses (e-mail) specified in this Agreement. The parties assert the presence of representatives of correspondence with the help of corporate e-mail from the domain specified in the signatures.
6.4. Interpretation of terms: All conditions of the agreement correspond to the subject matter of the contract and the intentions of the parties. All parts of the Agreement should be interpreted in comparison with other parts and the subject of the contract. Any condition of the contract cannot be construed contrary to the subject of the contract and cannot be carried out due to the formal reasons.

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