Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Success from different areas
in process
We transform principles which work in different areas of legal tech (such as IDE in computer programming, blocks in Minecraft and Lego, free information and Education in Wikipedia and Coursera, a smart contract in Ethereum).
IDE for coding contracts
in process
Our main goal is to provide lawyers an instrument for building intelligent technical agreements. Moreover, lawyers will become legal engineers who will code contracts on their own.
More secure
LITT is more secure because we use Microsoft technologies. For instance, LITT saves all documents and blocks in Azure
Contract review not only for lawyers
in process (available partially)
Currently, contract review is accessible only for lawyers. Small and medium businesses or consumers do not have a tool for checking contracts. We are going to change it.
Work with blocks, as well as in LEGO
Users do not need to answer a lot of questions to create documents, whereas they immediately add necessary clauses and all other clauses LITT adds automatically. A user can apply LITT's tools anytime. Furthermore, after editing users can analyze the contract and add some new clauses, if any.
All services in one place in MS Word
Users do not need to use any other special resources except MS Word. With LITT you work immediately in MS Word and use the same tools in other web resources. We unite different systems for creating and analyzing documents, blockchain system for smart contracts in one big integrated developer environment (like Visual Studio IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse for programmers).
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